Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Haylyn available?

No, Haylyn is still in alpha and under heavy development.

2) What browsers will Haylyn work with?

Currently, Firefox 23.0.1, Chrome 29, and Internet Explorer 11 - WebGL has finally been added with IE 11

3) Why the name change from Nexus to Haylyn?

Search for Nexus on Google.  187,000,000 hits (9/8/2013).  Numerous things have held the name Nexus -> Nexus the phone, Nexus the Cisco Data Center Network switch line, Nexus the discontinued Facebook graph project, Nexus the extradimensional realm where thought shapes reality, Nexus - Rutger Hauer, the Nexus 6 replicant that almost killed Harrison Ford in Blade Runner, and Nexxus the shampoo.  As much as I like the name, Nexus has been over-used and this can be seen catalogued on Wikipedia.  Search for Haylyn on Google.  (28,000 hits).  Far less confusing.  :-)